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Get a visual impression

of your candidate!

Through time-shifted video interviews offers more efficiency in managing application processes and finding competent personnel. Candidates remotely complete their video interviews, which can be reviewed anytime and at any place. Integrated sharing tools allow the early involvement of decision makers in the hiring process. is easily adjustable to individual needs, uncomplicated to handle and offers flexible pricing.

Create your individual interview

Invite the candidates via e-mail

Assess the recorded applications

Select the best applicant

  • Free registration
  • Select or create questions
  • Determine duration of answers and deadline for completion of interview
  • Send out interview invitations
Final redesign
  • Candidate accepts invitation
  • Same conditions for each candidate
  • Only basic equipment required (webcam, microphone)
  • Interview can only be completed at once
  • Interviews are automatically uploaded
  • Select customized evaluation criteria
  • Review videos anytime at any place
  • Rate and share interviews with colleagues

All Benefits of Vidso at a Glance:

Minimal expenditure of time
Minimal Expenditure of Time and Costs

Candidates complete their video interviews independently from you. Therefore, you do not only save travel and communication costs, but can furthermore focus on your day-to-day business.

Flexible and intuitive
Flexible and Intuitive is highly user-friendly; interviews can be generated and completed within only a few minutes. Candidates and account managers do not need special software or computer skills to participate.

Efficient candidate
More Efficient Candidate Selection

With you can create individual questionnaires tailored to the respective job description. Unqualified applicants are quickly identified and excluded. During the review, you can create opposing evaluations, insert comments, and share the content to facilitate an efficient selection.

More objectivity
More Objectivity and Fairness

Candidates receive the same questions, and answer them under similar conditions. Therefore, maximum objectivity and fairness are guaranteed while videos communicate an authentic impression of the applicant’s personality.

Decision maker involvement
Decision Maker Involvement allows sharing video interviews among decision makers without having to schedule meetings. Decision makers experience applicants’ verbal and non-verbal communication and add their input.

Innovative thinking and acting
Innovative Thinking and Acting

Demonstrate your enterprise’s enthusiasm for innovation in the recruitment of personnel both internally and externally.



Vidso ( is a technology company providing efficient solutions to businesses in the hiring industry. Competent employees and profound background knowledge are the core strengths of our team. has been developed in close collaboration with experienced HR Managers and recruitment experts resulting in a new platform tailored specifically to the sectoral requirements.