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vidso is an app that helps you qualify your applicant pool in a fast, easy, and cost-efficient way through online video submissions. vidso provides you an opportunity to ask questions to job candidates for specific jobs and to see their responses through video submissions.

A computer with a webcam and an Internet connection.

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In time-shifted video interviews, you are not connected in real time to the hiring manager. You take the interview whenever it is convenient for you, and all you need are a webcam and a reliable Internet connection.

The hiring manager is the only one who has access to your video interviews.

Find a local library where there is one, borrow a friend’s, or purchase one.

Hiring Managers

You decide who has access to the video responses by inviting team members.

You can easily share your vidso account with your clients and team and decide what they can and can’t access.

Yes, all information is stored on our secure T-Systems.

We have made every effort to ensure that the process is as simple as possible for interview candidates. Before starting the interview, they are walked through the setup process in which they get to practice and become familiar with the procedure.

You as the hiring manager own the information; we store the videos on your behalf for future reference.

By default the candidates do not have the option to re-record interviews.

All candidates need a webcam, a microphone, and a reliable Internet connection. vidso works both on Windows and MAC OS and is compatible with all common web browsers.

vidso ( is time-shifted, which means that you can avoid all the headaches associated with scheduling and performing interviews.


No, none at all. You only need to purchase the number of videointerviews you plan to use. No monthly fee or longterm membership, more like a pre paid card you know from the cell phone industry.

Yes, most new features will be available for all subscription levels. The vidso team adds new features every month and would love to hear from our customers about their feedback and other needs.