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Automated filing
Automated Filing

Keep track with Vidso’s dashboard offering a summary of recent activities. New interviews are automatically uploaded and assigned to the respective open position – no filing process required.

Customized Interviews

Vidso offers a number of standardized questions that can be added to the interview with just one click. New questions can simply be composed, saved and reused when creating the next interview. You can also determine the duration in which candidates have to answer the question.

Evaluation Criteria

Vidso allows you to create and weight evaluation criteria according to the job profile. There is a selection of evaluation criteria, which help to assess the interviews. Individual criteria can also be determined and applied.

Sharing Tool

Reviewers can add ratings and comments that can be seen by every person with whom the interview has been shared. Optionally, you can save this information as a PDF and add it to the personnel files. Vidso’s sharing tools allow you to involve colleagues and decision makers in the hiring process from an early stage.

E-mail Notifications

Vidso takes on a large part of the overall communication. Candidates receive an e-mail invitation for the interview. Upon completion, the account holder receives a message. Colleagues and decision makers are being informed via e-mail to review and evaluate the interview.

Corporate Identity

With Vidso you can not only choose between different language options, but also add any kind of relevant documents to the interview. Your company logo can be integrated easily into the interview portal for applicants.