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Candidate Guide

With Vidso you can decide how to present yourself to future employers.

Check our tips and tricks for optimal recordings:

  • Make sure that your Internet connection is fast enough and not blocked by other programs.
  • If you still have trouble with the quality of your recording, try to temporarily deactivate your antivirus program.
  • Good lighting improves the overall quality of the recording.
  • Select a neutral background when conducting the recording.
  • Sit upright in front of your computer screen and look directly in the webcam when recording.
  • Speak loud and clear.
  • Pay attention to an appropriate appearance in front of the webcam. Business attire is a must!

Your Next Step Towards a New Employment

Job interviews
Job Interviews 2.0

Vidso allows you to present yourself the way you really want to. Record the job interview whenever and wherever you want – fast and effortless.  

Minimal effort
Minimal Effort

Using Vidso requires only a web compatible computer, webcam, microphone, and a good Internet connection.

No risk
No Risks

All services for candidates are free; no registration required. Vidso’s privacy policy ensures that all information is treated strictly confidential. Our technical support is available 24/7.

FAQ Candidates

General questions
Why should I use Vidso?
  • Increase your chances of being hired by presenting yourself as authentic, competent and friendly.
  • Save money as no travel related expenses occur.
  • Choose your ideal location and time to answer the questions online.
  • No software installation is required as the entire process is web based.
What does “time-shifted” mean?

In those types of job interviews, you are not connected to the hiring manager in real time. You can answer the questions and record the interview whenever, wherever you want to.

How do I record the interview?

With a webcam, a microphone and a good Internet connection.

How many times can I record the interview?

You can only answer each question once. As in real life, it is not possible to record the interview a second time, or more.

Who can see the interviews?

Only the hiring manager and those persons, who are directly involved in the selection process, have access to your interview.

Is my data safe?

All information is saved on our secure server. The connection to our server is specifically https secured for this purpose. Video interviews will be automatically deleted after 120 days. However, the hiring company can delete the video files earlier.

Can I save the video file?

No, but you can review your interview online after submitting it.