Introductory Offer

Flexibility is our highest priority.

Create as many interviews as you want and invite your candidates, who can conveniently record their interview at home. For this service, does not charge any fees. In order to review the interviews, we offer various pay-as-you-go packages.


  • Fees only apply for interviews being reviewed.

  • Videos can be reviewed and shared as often as you wish.

  • Fee per interview is only charged once.

  • Access to video interviews can be purchased individually, or as a package.

24 90 per candidate Total: 24,90 € Starting from 1 successfully recorded candidate video Ideal for small companies Buy now
15 per candidate Total: 375 € Starting from 25 successfully recorded candidate videos Ideal for small & mid-sized companies which hire from time to time Buy now
Individual offer Starting from 50 successfully recorded candidate videos Ideal for larger companies CONTACT US

FAQ Pricing

General Questions

Is there a minimum of interviews I need to purchase?


How many candidates can I invite?

You can invite an unlimited number of candidates. No fees are charged for this service.

When do I need to pay the fee?

Only when you access the video interviews in order to review them. As an introductory offer, we give three credits to our customers.

How does the credit system work?

At you purchase credits for reviewing the video-interviews.

In order to know how many credits are currently on your account or to recharge your credits, just go to your company account and check the menu point “interview management”. You can also find a direct link to “interview management” on your dashboard.

Which price structure is best for my company?

If you use our service only occasionally, we recommend choosing the payment per individual video interview. However, you can wait until you receive all recorded videos upon your invitation. Based on that number, you can also purchase one of our packages later on.

If you use our service several times a month, we strongly recommend purchasing one of our packages with either 25 or 50 interviews.

What are the payment options?

We accept all major credit cards. If you purchase a volume of more than 100 credits, we would be pleased to arrange an invoice payment.